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Performance Leaders Podcast

Welcome to the Performance Leader podcast.

Your host is Ray D’Cruz, CEO of Performance Leader, a software and consulting company that helps professional services firms build vibrant feedback cultures.

In this podcast series, Ray talks to leading thinkers in the professional services sector about how to create high performance firms

Jan 30, 2023

Our guest on the Performance Leader's podcast is Dr. Heidi K. Gardner, author of the best selling book Smart Collaboration, and the newly released Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work.

Dr. Gardner is a distinguished fellow at Harvard Law School and previously a professor at Harvard Business School.

Named by Thinkers50 as Next Generation Business Guru, Dr. Gardner is a sought after advisor, keynote speaker and facilitator globally.

With her team at Gardner & Co., she works extensively with boards, executive teams and other senior leaders to boost performance by embedding the principles and practices of smarter, agile, cross silo collaboration.

Her work results in concrete, quantifiable performance improvements. Dr. Gardner has lived and worked on four continents, including as a Fulbright Fellow and for McKinsey & Co and Procter and Gamble.

In this podcast, we discuss Dr. Gardner's new book, Smarter Collaboration. We cover a wide range of topics from firms that do a great job of collaboration to leadership and change.

We go into depth on compensation models, performance systems and metrics that enable or inhibit collaboration.

We also talk about purpose and feedback, and we even touch on Chat GPT.

I hope you enjoy this podcast with the most influential thought leader in the professional services sector today.