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Performance Leaders Podcast

Welcome to the Performance Leader podcast.

Your host is Ray D’Cruz, CEO of Performance Leader, a software and consulting company that helps professional services firms build vibrant feedback cultures.

In this podcast series, Ray talks to leading thinkers in the professional services sector about how to create high performance firms

Jun 21, 2021

Host, Ray D'Cruz, is joined by Partner Remuneration expert, Michael Roch, to discuss the role and evolution of the partner remuneration committee (Rem Com) in professional services firms.

This podcast is a valuable resource for senior leaders of the firm and Rem Com members, especially new members wanting to understand more about their roles and responsibilities. The podcast covers:

  • When a Rem Com is a desirable part of the remuneration governance model.
  • The role of the Rem Com Chair, elected members & internal experts (HR, Finance etc).
  • Effective and efficient decision making and communication.
  • Evolving the Rem Com to maximise its value to the firm.
  • The last step every Rem Com should take at the close of the annual remuneration round.

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