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Performance Leaders Podcast

Welcome to the Performance Leader podcast.

Your host is Ray D’Cruz, CEO of Performance Leader, a software and consulting company that helps professional services firms build vibrant feedback cultures.

In this podcast series, Ray talks to leading thinkers in the professional services sector about how to create high performance firms

Apr 5, 2019

Our guest in episode 3 is futurist speaker, strategy and innovation consultant and expert in disruption, Eleanor Winton.

Eleanor is founder of Foresightfully, a consulting firm whose mission is to help leaders to integrate 'foresightful' thinking into their ambitions and plans for their business. That means considering the fast moving external and global environment and the impact of disruption in particular but also what it means to be a truly sustainable business.

Prior to establishing Foresightfully, Eleanor led the Future Institute at KPMG in the UK.

Her specialism is in bringing future trends to life in a way that energises clients around the solutions - how can they innovate to stay relevant and capitalise on change and uncertainty.

She has worked with the Boards and Executive teams of organisations across almost every industry, from retail to healthcare to mining.

We hope you enjoy this insightful conversation with Eleanor as much as we did.